My note to my Grandfather

Landing in Singapore , it was so hot in the evening , went to my hotel to get some rest , for the next day was going to see me take an emotional visit to the Changi Prison memorial .
I woke and went outside to a heat wave , walked around for a while to get my bearings , I couldn’t believe how humid it was ….
I took a taxi to the memorial , and took an audio tour of what they had made as a museum . for such a terrible place of torture and humiliation to soldiers that had been taken prisoner there ….
The museum itself has been made with such respect and dignity to honour all those who had endured the prison camp.
It  was the small chapel area that hit me the hardest , it was there that you could light a candle and write a small note and place it on the board , as to why you had visited there,

a-candle-lit-for-rememberance (A Candle for remembrance )
Small benches were there for you to be able to sit and reflect .

My father knew that I was going to visit the place that his father had been , and so i found a lovely book to take back home to him.

I wrote a small note  in remembrance to my  grandfather and placed it on the board letting anybody who read it know  that I was so very proud of him (even though I never had met him as he had passed away before I was born , and that I had known nana had missed him , just as my father had .

The rain started and it was time to leave , I thought that i needed to walk for a while , and finally got a taxi back to my hotel , I had accomplished my first “Family” task……I felt full of emotion as i knew the next part would  be just as hard …… onward to India xxx


5 thoughts on “My note to my Grandfather

    1. Thanks Uncle Ron , i hope so , i sit at home with him and do the writing , and get him to check things as i go as i am new to this ., but so far so good , i have lots more to write about , but i thought i better start from the beginning .


  1. What an amazing journey to take. Family is everything to me and I have really enjoyed reading about the connection you have with yours. I shall await further entries with anticipation xx


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