Welcome to India

Welcome  to India 

It was October 2009 ……

I was greeted at Indira Gandhi Airport (Delhi ) by a friendly face holding up a sign with my name on it .

It was very busy getting through the airport and out to the awaiting car to be taken to the hotel where the group was to meet the next day .

A happy man , doing his tour guiding duties with a smile , made me feel a little less overwhelmed,  the welcome  greetings took place , ” how was the trip ? ”   ” where are you from ? ” ,” how long are you here for ? “.

I was In India …..i had done it ……i had kept my promise and was about to start my own adventure , every single emotion was running through me at once ……i was scared , sad , proud , and excited all mixed in together ……the thing i wished for at that moment was that my Nanna would have known that i had arrived safely . ( but in my heart i knew that already )

I was so amazed at the all  the traffic, i was trying to take it all in , but i knew that i was going to be seeing all this for a few weeks .

My Hotel was not the prettiest thing you have seen,and  staff  were just standing around waiting to get the job of carrying the bags .,……finally after photocopies of all my documents had been made , i was taken to my room , but to my surprise the young boy just stood there and waited , and waited looking at me …….(he was waiting for his tip) …..

I was to learn this was going to be everywhere i went .

Strange thing about this room ….No windows to look out of …..it was a little weird actually, as i had never been in hotel room without windows before .

Luckily  the Air conditioner  worked and that was the main thing , as it was hot outside .

I had one day on my own before the tour started , and so i decided that i was not going to waste one minute .

as soon as i stepped out of the hotel …….i was asked many times did i want to take a  ride in a tuk tuk ?…….and so the fun had begun


One thought on “Welcome to India

  1. Another excellent read Greta! Looking forward to hearing about what you did on your very first day in India!!


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