The Taj & Raj tour (part 1)

The morning meeting of our Group was the first step to be going on our tour ,

“why we where there” ?

“who we were with” ?

“where were we from” ?

All the questions to get to know a little bit of each other to be able to get to going on our first day.

The tour leader was friendly and wanted us all the have a wonderful experience .

The reasons for some of the people on the tour was also such an insight to different people s lives ,

Birthday celebrations , wedding anniversary, adventurers , and me 

Everyone was eager to get going , so meeting was done and off we went to explore Delhi for the day .

The first  day was a  new experience and also very overwhelming, the crowds of people just on the streets , trying to get to along with their own lives , working , cars everywhere, bicycles by the thousands and the cows …

Richly decorated Mosques and Temples , all showing the immense degree of religion and spirituality that India is known for .

 Red Fort, bazaars , rickshaws , and all this on  day one .

The one thing that was beyond my imagination was the bicycle rickshaw ride   through the old town of Delhi , the narrow streets, barely  enough room to get one rickshaw through the street , but there were hundreds all at once , bells  ringing , horns blowing and all in such tight lanes .

The low hanging electrical wires looked so dangerous , but that was just the way it was , and was a sight to see in itself.

amazing back streets In Delhi , we were in bicycle rickshaws ,and it was so crowded even in the small lanes
amazing back streets In Delhi

The day was so hot , and everyone was getting tired as we all had never experienced such heat and humidity at once , and so many people all in the one place .

Our  tour guide was very mindful that we all had to make sure we all had water with us at all times , his helper who was just a young man , was very kind to us as we got back on our bus ….asking us were we all ok .

Temples , tikka and one tired Aussie ……

This all was just the lead up to the magical day where we all would get to see the Grand Taj Mahal .

The long drive to Agra saw us reach there in the evening , and so it was decided that we all would wake up before dawn and go and line up to be able to get there for the sunrise .

Everyone was just mesmerised at the site we got to see , we stayed for many hours and got to experience the many different phases of the sunlight over the monument

To actually be able to touch the marble & see the delicate craftsmanship that has seen this monument stand for centuries will be something i will treasure forever .

The Intricate work on the marble

Photos , photos and more photos , from all angles,nothing can describe it .

The pillars that stand to act as a guard are also enchanting .

I have never seen anything so beautiful in all my life , no wonder she is a wonder of the world .

The story of her is also a testament to India and her Heritage, it has to be one of the most loved and visited monuments in this entire world .

I hope to be able to visit it again one day soon .


this day was a very special day for me , i had always wanted to see this magnificent dedication of love
this day was a very special day for me , i had always wanted to see this magnificent dedication of love.

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