How a book & an Ice cream changed my life…….

Today is my Mothers Birthday , and it is the 2nd one we as a family have had to share without her .

So today i decided that it would be a good day to write another story .

I have returned to India five times now over the 6 past years , and each and every time has been a new and emotional journey that i find myself on .

When i decided to go back i realised that it would be a good idea to do some new reading about places that i could find and explore .

For one of my birthdays my mother had asked was there something special that i would like , and my response was “yes , there is a book called the Lonely planet” and it was one based on Mumbai and Goa .

So that book was given to me and there was the next chapter of my life beginning without me realising it .

I read that book and it has come with me on the last few trips , i found it to be very helpful and very inspiring .

It was in this book that i was able to find the Goa Animal Welfare Trust , the animal shelter that i have spent the last few trips going to help and volunteer my time .

This is my way of being able to give back to India in a way i know how .

 The people who help with this organisation have become very dear to me and now i am in the process of making a small coffee table book,a compilation  of the photos that i have taken over the past visits .

Many tears and days of feeling a sense of hopelessness , i have come to know that it is at least better to give what you have and try to make a difference , even if it just s help a few at a time .

DSCF0124                                  DSCF0158                                                                                     DSCF0150

I knew that i was able to help in small ways , sponsoring a dog , helping to fundraise for all the hard work that they do and just give my time to help .

And so has begun one special relationship with a highly regarded NGO in India , and i know that i will continue to   promote their work and encourage others to learn and experience the change that we are able to make together .


Another special moment that will stay with me forever was the day i walking down the beach shack in Candolim North Goa , along the beach road are dozens of small shops , selling their wears and trying to make a living each and very day of the tourist season .

There was a man selling ice creams and i looked over and there was a small boy looking at me , well me being me asked him would he like one , and that was that …..he became my special little friend .

He was there when i returned from my day at the beach , and we had another ice cream , and this time all his family had one . so this began our daily ritual for the days In Goa .

20131209_184643          I Got to meet the whole family , they  were such beautiful people , and now they have become part of my family

And so trips to Goa to see my “kids ” are part of my life now  , parcels packed and sent and phone calls to and from India are normal , always looking forward to hearing them and any news they have to share with their Rani     ( their name for me ).

They are growing up before my eyes and each visit i see them in different ways , they enjoy coming on day trips , we go shopping and to the markets , things that they usually do not get to do .

Ice Cream has become a fun part of each day we are together , they get to choose the ice cream for the day , and it is somehow  our little thing that we all look forward to each hot day .

.20131206_195611                20131206_195635

                                            To have such love come into my love i feel so very blessed.


Love and family  can be  in many forms and i now am in a very fortunate place to be able to continue to  share my story … xx






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