Fort Aguada xx

Fort Aguada Goa

When i arrived at The Vivanta By Taj ..  ….  …. .Fort Aguada North Goa, i was met by a lovely lady who promptly informed me that i had been upgraded to a Cliff suite .

Well i had never been in  5 Star hotel before , and i was just overwhelmed .

The Vivanta By Taj was by far the most beautiful place i had ever seen or been too .

For the next week i was transformed by many forms of beauty and it came to me in different ways each and every day.

The only way i can begin to describe the experience is to say that i will be eternally gratefully for the beautiful time that i had .

It was here (my first trip to Goa 2011 ) that i made a very special connection with a man who will forever be  a very dear   friend and he has proved to me that there are lovely people in the world .

Age , religion and culture all put aside , it only was the deep heart  connection of two human beings that mattered .

For the last few years every time i have visited Goa we got to meet each other and discuss life, and  my love of Bollywood movies .

He was always happy to see me and listen to my adventures of each day , whether i had been to the beach or the markets or my animal welfare work,it was  listened to with such interest .

Many stories had us both in stitches of laughter .

Laughs and tears , was  just  part of a  normal days  visit to his shop , and he was always such  a gentleman , and treated my visits with such respect and honour .

He was there for me over the years that my mother was sick and was in constant contact with me during all her chemo treatments and visits to the hospital , and when my mother passed away he was always checking on me and was a very supportive friend , and that will be remembered always .

What i will be forever thankful for is that he was able to show me many things about my self that i didn’t even know .

He was actually showing me how i could be …..just me 

He told me that i have a very soft heart and hence the name of my blog ……..and i just feel so happy to have the memory of our friendship now in print .

The other day i found a saying that want to dedicate   to him ………..(for S )

          Because of you 

         i can feel  myself slowly 

         but surely becoming the me 

         i have always dreamed    

         of being .

by Tyler Knott Gregson         

my dedication
my dedication


i sent this photo to him , and told him that this was my happy photo , always being able to remember that there is kind and loving people in our world that we all live in .

i wish him all the best in his life and we  will always have our friendship to treasure.

and i  thanked him again for showing me that there is so much love in this world,

and i am grateful everyday for having the chance to meet someone to ignite my awareness……

Love , friendship, happiness , it’s all there to be found …..and shared …….


i now know what i need to do ……..

Just be Me xxx



One thought on “Fort Aguada xx

  1. Greta I couldn’t go to sleep without looking at this. It’s just beautiful. And I’m sure he know how much you value his friendship. I sure one day you will return to India to live as I think you have found your forever home. It was beautiful, everything , so good it brought tears to my eyes as I know exactly what you are like and I’m proud to have you as a valued friend. I can’t believe I’ve known you for so long. You are one of the family. But then you always were. Love you now, then and always xxxx


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