They say Elephants never forget


And neither will I …….

Today being the 26th Of September  2015 , marks 7 years since my loving Nana passed away.
At the wonderful age of 100 years she passed away peacefully with her beloved family by her side .
Memories of her are everywhere in all of our family homes , she was a very proud mother of 3 Children ( one of them being my Father }, she was also the very proud Nana of 5 grandchildren , and even got to be Great grandmother of 8 children.
Every one of us all has our own special memories of our Nana.

My memories are all only filled with love , so many photos of her wonderful life fill my home .

She would talk fondly of her life In India , and so my promise to her was to one day also go to visit India and begin my own journey to learn about where my family came from .

Martin/Brewin family         2 (2)

a lovely article was written when my grandparents got married
a lovely article was written when my grandparents got married

All she ever cared about was her family, my father in particular ……she was always asking where is Christopher ? (my dad )

My father played a vital role in her life since my Grandfather passed away in the early 1960s .
As he was her only son, my father was always making sure she was looked after , her home was maintained and safe for her .

As we all grew up we would always be visiting her and she just loved having the company , she also loved her dogs , and our family dogs would even visit her at her home and in the later years at the nursing home,  which brought her much happiness and laughter .

Her love of Elephants has been passed down to me, she had an amazing collection which has been shared by all our family , and now we all have our own unique collections, which we all treasure .

21 (3)


Today , I remember like it was yesterday her soft loving face just smiling at me whenever I would see her .

I was very lucky to have My Nana for 40 years , always knowing how much I was loved and to have her for so long in my life at times makes it even harder to not have her now .

But to also know what the  complete unconditional love of a Grandmother was….

I feel very lucky to have had it for so long .

To Honour her memory is easy …

I only have to close my eyes and I see her ….

I know that she watches over me wherever I am and wherever my life may take me …..

So today as I placed some purple flowers at her resting place , I also said a quiet prayer of thanks …for having such a loving “Nana” in my life .

Nothing will ever break the bond I have with her ……

“Nana …..I miss you.”

Love from Greta Christine xx


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