the love of a new friend

Have you ever met someone …and you just “Clicked”

Well I now have a new life long friend ,and  with all of our technology today  we can always be in touch , Facebook , messenger , it will all help our friendship grow until we meet again back in  our  India .

Last year when I was staying in Goa a friend said to me” oh Greta I wish you could meet my friend Joanna , you two would hit it off …you are quite similar .”

And apparently he also had said that to Joanna as well about me .

So this is the story of how two women have become life long friends.

I had decided to stay in  the Candolim beach area this trip as it was close to the little girl that I help

Rupa is her name and each day we saw each other we went and went shopping , she had milkshakes , I had coffee , we went to the markets to get material for her to get some clothes made

One day we were out and she asked me could I take her to the hair salon and get her straightened …..well I knew that was going to take hours and hours , so I said to her  that I would return to collect her and so I went up to Baga beach to see if some of my friends from the Bongo Shack were there to say hello (I had stayed at the Little India Beach cottages last year )20151113_120117


So it was there at the beach that I finally got to meet Joanna ….I was sitting on the next sunbed and heard the fruit seller say her name ….so I asked her “would you be Joanna ?”

I introduced myself to her and that was the beginning of our friendship .

We found ourselves talking about both our lives …and how we both ended up sitting together on the beach …enjoying a very cold beer .

That began the visits to Baga beach every few days to spend time together and listen to each others life adventures .

Her compassion and understanding of life and also her mutual love of Animals , and of course as we now say “our India “.

Her soul , her character and her love and friendship will be forever treasured by me .

She has travelled in India like myself , and we both just found ourselves on the same page about most things .

Lots of discussions over Gin & Tonics, Ice cold Kingfishers and the occasional Soda water .

The love of the beach , the people that we know that work there and the ideas of new meetings in Goa , lots of laughs and occasional tears as we discussed our lives .

The day I had to say goodbye to her saw me quite sad as I knew I would miss her a lot , she told me about how she wanted to me put our India in special box in my heart and just know and believe that I will return very soon .

I firmly believe in the saying that people come into our lives for a reason .

We enjoyed lots of sunfilled days together , and we have been in contact since we both have returned to our homes .

She is lucky she will returning to India sooner than me , but I also have already started to organise my next trip .as she told me to get saving on my “Escape fund ” I like that saying … is like that .

I now know that she is my Kindred spirit , and will be my friend forever.




the finished product of Miss Rupa getting her hair done …she loved it



May Ganesh bless  and protect all xxx








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